USA filmid maapäeva tähistamiseks

Seoses Maapäevaga 22. aprillil saab USA saatkond alltoodud filmide näitamise õigused ja allalaadimislingid, kui kool näitab kuupäevad ja kohad, kus filme plaanitakse näidata.
Filmiõigused kehtivad kuni 22. aprillini ning filmid peavad olema publiku jaoks tasuta.

Filmide näitamisest huvitatud koolidel palun andke 14. märtsiks  e-maili teel teada Taimi Alasele USA saatkonnast (, mis kool, millal ja milliseid filme soovib näidata.


Filmid on järgmised:


Humpback Whales – 40 minutes

Narrated by two-time Golden Globe® nominee Ewan McGregor, Humpback Whales explores the world of nature’s most awe-inspiring mammals. Set in Alaska, Hawaii and Tonga, and captured for the first time with IMAX® 3D cameras, this ocean adventure offers an up close look at how humpbacks sing, feed, play and raise their young. Found across the globe, humpbacks were nearly extinct 50 years ago, but are making a comeback. Join researchers as they find out why humpbacks are so acrobatic, why they sing, and why these 55-foot, 50-ton animals migrate 10,000 miles every year. A MacGillivray Freeman film presented by Pacific Life.


Racing Extinction – 94 minutes

In the groundbreaking documentary Racing Extinction, director Louie Psihoyos and the group behind the Academy Award®-winning film The Cove, assembles a team of artists and activists on a new undercover operation to expose the hidden world of endangered species and the race to protect them against mass extinction. Spanning the globe to infiltrate the world’s most dangerous black markets and using high tech tactics to document the link

between carbon emissions and species extinction, the documentary reveals stunning, never before seen images that truly change the way we see the world.


Our Rising Oceans – 43 minutes

VICE founder Shane Smith travels to the bottom of the world to investigate the instability of the West Antarctic ice sheet and to see first hand how the continent is melting — and VICE follows the rising oceans to Bangladesh for a glimpse into the world’s underwater future. From the UN Climate conference to the People’s Climate March to the forces that deny the science of global climate change, this special extended episode covers all sides of the issue and all corners of the globe, ending with a special interview with Vice President Joe Biden.


Nuclear Sharks – 42 minutes

Philippe & Ashlan Cousteau travel with marine biologist Luke Tipple to Bikini Atoll, the nuclear testing site famously destroyed during the Cold War. During their travels they discover a large population of reef sharks & what they find is shocking.


Hot Tuna – 52 minutes

It is the ultimate fish – one of the fastest, most powerful and most intelligent in the sea. But it’s also the most highly prized. Worth more than its weight in silver, its being fished to the brink of extinction. Now, in an epic quest, three-time Emmy award-winning cinematographer Rick Rosenthal plies the Atlantic to plumb the secrets of the bluefin tuna.