GRLE2022 participant info

GLOBE Regional Learning Expedition 2022 will take place from 2-5 August! The location of the learning expedition is Käsmu Holiday Center in North Estonia.  The participants are from Estonia and abroad. 

Learning expedition takes place in Käsmu, Estonia at Lainela resort. Käsmu is a nice little village in the heart of Lahemaa National Park, which is the biggest and oldest national park in Estonia. The location of the expedition is surrounded by nature – Käsmu is situated on the Northern shores of Estonia, right by the Baltic sea. The area is rich in flora and sits on a cliffed coast where you can see millions of years of geological layers. The coast is unique in all of Europe. 

Estonia as a destination

  • We use euro as our currency, but you are able to pay by card almost everywhere.
  • The destination is safe. 
  • Our language is Estonian, but you can manage with English almost everywhere.

Air and ground transportation

Tallinn Lennart Meri International Airport (TLL) is the main airport in Estonia. It is located near (about 4 km/2.5 miles) Tallinn city centre and is easily accessible by public transport (bus and tram). It is possible to take a taxi from the airport as well. We recommend the local company Bolt, which is very easily accessible via their app. 

On the morning of 2 August there will be an organized bus leaving for Käsmu from Tallinn city center. The departure point is yet to be determined and will be specified beforehand. The same will be provided after the event on 5 August to take participants back to Tallinn. 

What to take with you? 

·      clothes and shoes for outdoor activities (rubber boots)

·      water bottle

·      little backpack to take your things to the expedition

·      rain- and/or sunproof clothes (including sunscreen)

·      swimwear (the resort is by the sea)

·      pen and notebook

·      towel for washing and swimming

·      any special medication you might need (there is medical assistance available)

·      camera or phone with camera to capture the expedition and activities

Here are the key questions and answers about the expedition:

General information

  1. In what language is the expedition taking place?
  • The expedition is going to be mainly in English, but there might be a separate group in Estonian, depending on the number of participants.   
  1. What is the purpose of the expedition?
  • The expedition provides students with the opportunity to establish friendships and to develop collaborative partnerships that will enhance their future GLOBE experiences. Teachers are provided with an opportunity to share innovative ideas and challenges, to attend protocol and related professional development sessions, and to build connections for research efforts between schools.
  1. What is included in the registration fee?
  • Registration fees include breakfasts, lunches and dinners at the event, housing, organized transportation to and from the event from Tallinn city centre, and materials used for the expedition.
  1. What are the topics of the expedition?
  • The focus of the expedition is set on climate change. The topics of the expedition are going to be atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere (Soil), but the exact topics will be announced before the expedition.
  1. Is there medical assistance on the expedition?
  • Yes, there is medical assistance for minor injuries.
  1. Does the expedition have adult supervision?
  • Yes, in addition to the instructors for each group, there are also adult teachers and group leaders on site.
  1. Do I have to bring my country’s flag?
  • It would be nice, but is not necessary.
  1. How is the transport there?
    1. transport from Tallinn to the venue is organized in the morning of 2 August and back right after the event on 5 August 
  2. What clothes should I bring?
    1. boots/shoes for hiking
    2. refillable water bottle
    3. raincoat (yes, it might rain that season)
    4. swimming suit
    5. towel 
    6. hat

Questions about event, housing and the area: 

  1. Is there a shop nearby?
  • Käsmu pood is in a walking distance
  1. Is it also possible to buy snacks on the expedition site?
  • Yes, it is possible to buy snacks on the expedition site.
  1. Do I have to bring my own bedding?
  • No, you do not have to bring your own bedding.
  1. Where is our housing and where can I find information about that?
  • Lainela holiday village (
  1. How are the rooms divided?
  • The rooms are divided mainly randomly. Participants from the same country are accommodated together
  1. Is it possible to swim there?
  • Yes, the venue is located in a seaside area. For safety, students can go swimming only under the supervision of their teachers. 
  1. Is it possible to take a shower?
  • There are shared bathrooms and some rooms have a private shower
  1. What kind of food is served? Is there a choice of vegetarian food? (Chicken or vegan)
  • Yes, vegan food is provided.

9. What should we prepare for cultural evening?

  • some traditional snacks/candy from your country, some elements of traditional clothing (or clothes)

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at