GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition 2023

We are pleased to announce the GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition 2023 on 7-10 August in Tartu, Estonia!

This year’s expedition will be held in an urban environment for the first time, introducing ways to collect GLOBE data in cities or other populated areas. The main focus is on microclimate, urban land cover and the river Emajõgi. We will also introduce a new theme – microplastics in water bodies. The GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition is organised by GLOBE Estonia together with Miina Härma Gymnasium and in collaboration with the City of Tartu and the United States Embassy in Tallinn. 

Registration has officially closed! Extended deadline for registering was on 26 May 2023 at 17:00.
Invoices will be sent out within the first two weeks of June. Paying the participation fee serves as confirmation of participation.

What to expect?

The GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition is a 4-day expedition centered around learning how to do GLOBE data collection and putting it into practice during fieldwork. The official language of the expedition is English.

Preliminary program*

* The organizing team reserves the right to make changes to the event program.

Location & venue

Tartu – The City of Good Thoughts – is a city of about 100,000 people in South-East Estonia. It is known for its bustling academic life, active culture scene, and, of course, its greenness. Tartu is home to the largest university in Estonia, the University of Tartu, which is also the alma mater of many GLOBE trainers and instructors at the GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition. 

The GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition will be hosted at Miina Härma Gymnasium. Established in 1906, it was named after the first female composer in Estonia, Miina Härma, and is the oldest Estonian-language high school. The school is located just a short walk away from the city center (J.Tõnissoni 3).

Included in the participation fee is floor accommodation at Miina Härma Gymnasium for all participants. It is necessary to bring your own sleeping equipment. Sleeping is arranged in classrooms and we will have separate classrooms for boys and girls, with non-binary and other students having the option to choose whichever makes them feel most comfortable. Rooms for adults will also be separated from the students. Our team will also stay at the school.

The school has washing facilities (showers) available in the gym rooms. There are two gym rooms for boys and two for girls. On the last evening we will also have a sauna time available for both students and adults (separately, of course). 

If you wish to stay outside of the school during the event, Tartu has many options available within a short walking distance of the venue. Please let us know if you need any recommendations.

We recommend staying at the Hektor Design Hostel (Riia 26, Tartu), which is just a 10min walk away from Miina Härma Gymnasium, our hosting school. Special GRLE prices are as follows:

  • single room 48 EUR/night
  • twin room 62 EUR/night
  • triple room 73 EUR/night
  • quadruple room 88 EUR/night

Please contact us for details on how to book rooms with special pricing (

This year there is no specially organised transport to Tartu because the city is easily accessible by bus and train.
We recommend to fly in to Tallinn or Riga. From Riga, there are 3-4 bus connections to Tartu per day (find out more). From Tallinn, there are more options (see below).

Tallinn-Tartu: there is a bus approximately every 30min that goes straight from the airport to Tartu Coach Station (time table available here). Alternatively, you can take the train from the central Tallinn station (Tallinn, also called Balti jaam) or from Ülemiste (about 15min walk from the airport) to Tartu (find out more).

All tickets should be purchased in advance via the websites provided.

Participation fees (per person):
Estonian GLOBE schools (students, teachers) – 60 EUR 
Estonian non-GLOBE schools and GLOBE friends – 130 EUR
International participants – 130 EUR

An invoice will be sent to you in June based on the payment details you entered in the form.

Participation fees include floor accommodation at the school (bring your own sleeping equipment, such as mattress and sleeping bag), food, and an interesting event program led by experienced trainers and scientists. Please note that if you choose to stay somewhere outside of the school, the participation fee will not be reduced. 

What happens if I cannot attend?
If you cannot participate, please let us know as soon as possible. There are no refunds, but a participant can be switched out for another. A ‘no show’ fee of 70 EUR will apply if you do not attend without prior warning. Please let us know until 14 days prior to the event. In emergency cases, you can notify us later, but we require a medical certificate within 5 days of cancellation.

In case of additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 
Johanna Raudsepp – deputy country coordinator in Estonia: 
Laura Altin – country coordinator in Estonia: 
GLOBE Estonia general e-mail (also for logistics, accommodation, etc):

The GLOBE Estonia Learning Expedition 2023 would not be possible without the help of our sponsors (see below).
Thank you for your support!

United States Embassy in Tallinn
City of Tartu
Miina Härma Gymnasium
Kaisa and Taavi Tamkivi
Salvest AS
Grüne Fee
Värska Originaal
Svensky Kaubanduse AS
Bon Vegan