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Käsmu, Estonia

2-5 August 2022

The GLOBE Program in Estonia in cooperation with the United States Embassy and the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia is hosting a GLOBE Regional Learning Expedition at Käsmu, Estonia, on 2-5 August 2022 to mark the 25th anniversary of annual expeditions in our country. The aim of the Expedition is to promote STEM education via increased participation in the GLOBE program, linking participants to scientific institutions dealing with environmental issues important today, and providing participants with a unique learning experience in environmental studies. 

The Regional Learning Expedition will bring together about 170 students, alumni, teachers, researchers from several countries for GLOBE related activities and discussions. We hope that the expedition will expand communication and cooperation between GLOBE schools across countries. Over the course of 4 days we will learn how to collect various data, do fieldwork and present the results. 

Day 1. Introduction day – team building, learning sessions based on GLOBE data sheets, and cultural evening

Day 2. Expedition and fieldwork, presentation of GLOBE research projects

Day 3. Expedition and analysis of results, international guest speakers, GLOBE games

Day 4. Presentations and closing 

Please find the preliminary agenda for the event here

Participant information and FAQ is here.

We kindly ask you to discuss possibilities and let us know whether your delegation could participate in the GLOBE Regional Learning Expedition under the following conditions:


The official language of the event is English. Therefore, we ask that all participants be able to communicate in at least basic English to be able to participate in the planned agenda fully. 

Participant Requirements

The recommended (optimal) number of participants for each country is 10, but is not limited (teachers and students together, at least 7 students). We kindly recommend involving students from different schools.

Students taking part in the GLRE2022 must fulfil the following requirements:

− have a strong interest in the GLOBE program;

− be able to communicate in English;

− have an inclination towards teamwork and active participation;

− be present in GRLE2022 from 2-5 August;